Research implementation

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•Provide three example questions, one for each category that can be defined as a structured, semistructured,

and unstructured interview question. Provide a short justification for each choice.

•What are some issues you are likely to encounter with a study that focuses on childhood disease and

illness? For example, what ethical and legal issues must you consider, and how can you cope with

such issues as retention?

•Describe three techniques, methods, or recommendations you can use to promote retention in a

study. Are there some additional personal examples you can lend that might not already be in the

course materials? Please share.

The assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length and contain at least two

scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook and provided material. Please submit your assignment

in one APA formatted document.

textbook­ Advanced nursing research from theory to practice By Ruth Tappen 2nd edition Chapter 13­


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