Our Policy


Copyright Ownership

The company will cease being the copyright owners of papers once you have completed the payment and the papers uploaded to your personal account on our website. You will then be able to download the papers from your account on our website. All copyright ownership of the papers will then be transferred to you, as the customer, and you will have all the rights to reproduce, edit, paraphrase, reference them, or transfer ownership from you to any candidate of your choice.

The company will have the responsibility of ensuring that all papers sold to you are 100% original, and will never share them with third parties once it has transferred the copyright ownership to you.

You will be responsible, as the new copyright owner, to protect the papers and ensure that third parties, who may have interests in using the papers, do not access them. The company will not be responsible in case you, as the new copyright owner of the papers once it transfers the right to you, give access of the papers to people who may want to use them for their personal gain and compromise on the originality of the documents.

Delivery of Papers

The mode of delivery of completed papers will online. You will receive notification emails through the email address that you will have used to register on our website, which will let you know that your papers are complete. You will then log in to your personal account on our website, download, and review the completed papers. If you need any changes, you will be eligible for free revisions within 14 days after delivering the paper to you.


After downloading and reviewing the papers, you will be eligible for unlimited free revisions until you are 100% satisfied in case you need changes in the documents. You will have up to 14 days to request for revisions once papers are delivered to you. The revision requirements should be within the original paper instructions. In case your revision instructions deviate from your initial paper instructions, you will be required to pay a small fee that will be used to compensate the writer for the additional work that was not in your initial requirements.