Crime and Deviance Entry Journal

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Step One:

Interview a friend or relative about their thoughts on ‘moral panics’ in Australia. Use the following questions to guide your interview: (MY FRIEND COULD BE YOU)

  1. In your opinion what is the most significant ‘moral panic’ facing Australia today, and why?
  2. What do you think should be done about the ‘moral panic’ you mentioned?

Step Two:

Using your interviewees responses write a 350 word (+/-10%) individual journal entry that includes the following:

  • Brieflydescribe your interviewee (e.g. Male, University student aged, 25; housewife, aged 50) and summarise their answers to the questions (suggestion: use 100 words maximum for this part of the journal entry).

(You could use my response coming from a male aged 30 in the Australian Army)

  • Analyse your interviewee’s response to either question 1 OR question 2. Your analysis must make use of at least ONE concept from the weekly essential reading (e.g. ‘stigmatisation’, ‘symbolic interactionism’, ‘criminalisation’, ‘deviance amplification’ and ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’).

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