Develop a Sustainable Transport & Mobility Policy

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Prepare a policy paper for a new sustainable Transport & Mobility initiative that can be practically implemented within an Irish environment. Topics must be agreed in advance with the module coordinator. No topic can be covered more than once.

Policies should be evidence- and needs-based and must promote sustainable transport and mobility in a given Irish context. The policy and strategy should lead to increased mobility, positive environmental impacts and efficiencies in terms of transport provision. The paper must consider the target audience for developing and achieving formal acceptance of the policy.

  1. Explain the policy and its objectives towards achieving or promoting integrated, sustainable transport & mobility.


  1. Set out the principle features of the policy and key stages / tasks / steps included in its
  • Where applicable, include a survey of the target area and mobility levels
  1. Where applicable, establish viable targets for the policy to achieve (mode transfer, emissions reduction, etc.)


  1. Provide a context for the strategy, taking into consideration local and international best
  2. Include an outline description of potential cost implications of planning, design and implementation of the proposal, where possible using comparative
  • Provide an overview of benefits, both to immediate beneficiaries and to wider  Consider also any costs to particular groups and how these might be mitigated.
  • Set out any environmental impacts, both positive and negative and any mitigations required in the case of negative
  1. Outline a roadmap to acceptance of the policy, i.e. what agencies are involved in approving, funding, delivering,maintaining and / or operating the proposed intervention?
  2. Conclude with an overview of the policy scenario fully in place, as well as the alternative costs of non- implementation.

Final presentation format is relatively open, but it should be a strongly visual communication, graphically illustrated and clearly set out for both a public and managerial audience. Include a plan or map of target area where practical.

Max. 800 words, very well illustrated with a mix of media accepted.

Suggested topic areas include: – 

1-   Collaborative mobility planning initiative

2-   Neighbourhood environmental traffic management scheme

3-   New approach to transport governance

4-   New technology introduction

5-   New public transport service programme

6-   Planning and urban structural initiative

7-   Smart-cities / open transit data initiative

8-   Street redesign / closure / decluttering project

9-   Temporary- or tactical-urbanist programme or initiative

10- Walking / cycling promotion initiative

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