Oil and the Stock Markets by Jones and Kaul Assessment task title: Research Paper Review

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Details of Task: Each student will choose a research paper from a list of published

articles provided by the instructor and write a summary of that paper. You should pick a paper

related to a topic you think you may be interested in.

Your summary should be concise and clearly written, and should include the following:

Introduction – Give a brief introduction to give the necessary background to the study and state its

purpose in your own words. Why was the study conducted? What was it about? Clearly state the

research question, in your own words, posed in the article.

Background literature – A summary of earlier work on this topic. Note, this does not mean going

through each article cited by the author and explaining what each did. You should summarize this

information, while citing relevant work.

Data and model estimation – A brief description of the data (and sources) used in the study. In your

own words, describe the empirical/econometric model(s) used to test the hypotheses.

Findings – In your own words discuss the major findings and results. Discuss the implications of

the results for policy makers and/or the general public.

References – A list of references cited in your paper. This list does not count toward your page

limit. This includes the research paper you are summarising, and the work you cite in your

summary of earlier findings. Refer to the APA Style Guide for how to appropriately cite work in

your paper and compile a list of references.


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