Waste minimisation and recycling

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General Advice for the science assignments

• You should certainly read through the whole assignment before starting to answer.

• Note the wording of assignment, in particular the action verbs and ensure that you answer the question asked and not the one that you think should have been asked!

• These are science modules, hence your answers should be scientific in tone;

• Where required, present arguments that are logical and contain statements which are supported by scientific information expressed in the correct scientific terminology;

• Your tutor will not look favourably on over-generalised discursive writing that fails to address the points at issue;

• For most written answers, credit will be given for the overall ‘quality’ of the writing – for clarity, structure and appropriate style – as well as for the content


Your answer must include Module Learning Outcomes and Key Skills

The following Learning Outcomes and Key Skills will be assessed:

• Evaluate Government policies to aid recycling in the United Kingdom

• Demonstrate an understanding of the statutory requirements of WDAs, WCAs, WRAs

• Recognise the size, nature and structure of the United Kingdom’s recycling industry

• Assess the economic viability and environmental benefits of waste recycling, sorting organisation

• Review technological developments in waste sorting systems and processing

• Construct and assess the strengths and validity of an argument

• Use professional standards of design, layout, style and presentation


Presentation of the assignment

• Present answers in clear UK English with a good standard of grammar.

• When answering questions requiring calculations and data presentation, remember to:

– present your answer clearly;

– include all steps in a calculation;

– use SI units;

– give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures;

– give all graphs, tables and diagrams a title;

– clearly label axes on graphs.

• It is essential that all work that is not your own is referenced (see Plagiarism below)

• The Study Skills Guide details an acceptable method of referencing.

• Where reference is made to legislation, guidelines and principles, state the full name and date.




• All texts should be referenced using the Harvard System.

• Cite academic journals, textbooks and UK Government-reports in preference to web-pages.

• Assignments which are poorly referenced or overuse web-based only sources of information will be penalised.



The assignment


Instructions to candidates:

Use a range of published material (appropriately referenced) to support your answers


1. Critically assess economic approaches for determining optimal recycling levels in EU member states, discussing so-called “economic instruments” as an alternative means of achieving recycling targets.



Your answer must reflect the Module Learning Outcomes and Key Skills as explained in previous page, should have self-explanatory graphs and tables which are clearly marked and labelled.


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