Identify your question about society here. Make sure it is a specific question about society or some aspect of society.

After identifying your question, discuss why you think it is interesting, important, or otherwise appropriate for a sociologist to pursue.


Identify a relevant sociological theory (see pp. 39-50 in your textbook) and describe how this theory could be connected to your question. How would this theory’s perspective on society be appropriate for the question you’re asking? How do you think your results might support or challenge the theory’s assumptions?


Identify a relevant sociological research method and describe how this method could be actually used to conduct a study to answer your question. What kinds of data/evidence would you gather? How? Why? How would you analyze it? What sorts of conclusions do you think this method would allow you to make?

IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO AN INFORMAL REPORT: You may use this document as a template. Please delete this section and the section below before turning it in.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO A VISUAL PRESENTATION: Please ensure that the content of your slides (particularly your text) fully answers the above questions. Take as many slides as you need.