Data Collection

Week 1

A maker of energy drinks is considering abandoning can containers and going exclusively to bottles because the sales manager believes customers prefer drinking from bottles. However, the vice president in charge of marketing is not convinced the sales manager is correct. Investigate this issue using statistical analysis.

1. Explain which data collection method you would use and what procedures you would follow to apply this method to this situation.

2. Propose which level of data measurement applies to the data collected. Justify your answer.

3. Determine whether the data is qualitative or quantitative.

4. Submit your work in a Word document.

Week 6

A computer scanner can read a bar code on a package correctly 97% of the time. One company monitors the accuracy of the scanner by randomly sampling packages and verifying that each package has been correctly scanned. Random samples of size n = 25, 50, 100, and 200 have recently been taken with the following results.

Calculate the sample proportion for each sample size.

1. Calculate the single-proportion sampling error for each sample size.

2. Calculate the probability of finding 198 correctly scanned packages, for a sample of size n=200.

3. Submit your work Excel file.