Social Context of Vocational Education and Training

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From policy to practice
Select a policy document, promulgated at your training organisation that seeks to address the needs of a particular student group that can be considered as experiencing disadvantage. Discuss this document, and its relationship to the development of Adult and Vocational Education (AVE) policy in Australia, with a particular focus on its relationship to social and economic development. Identify the societal factors associated with disadvantage for your selected student group, and discuss if current AVE policy addresses the particular needs of this student group. A particular focus on the principles of individualism, difference, social justice and equity should be included in your discussion.

As a practitioner in the Adult and Vocational Education sector you are where policy is applied to the learning situation. You will be responsible to adhere to policy as you seek to support your students. It is therefore important that we understand what ‘drives’ policy, what influences the policy writer and the organisation that puts policy in place. We also need to be able to assess the success or otherwise of any policy that impacts on our teaching.
Your study for this subject should identify to you that society is a complex organism, and addressing social and economic inequality rarely has simple solutions; however, Adult and Vocational Education policy should apply the principles of social justice and equity, and it should achieve this in the practical sense.
The intent of this assignment is to consider disadvantage in our society, and the (potential) influence of education on disadvantage. As such, keep your discussion related to the societal influence on disadvantage and the impact of education, don’t be tempted to discuss classroom practice and teaching/learning strategies you may apply to assist students with disadvantage.
Academic skills. Assignment two required you to deliver two ‘five-paragraph’ essays, this allowed you to develop a short discussion that conformed to academic writing conventions; introduction, body and conclusion, with a particular focus on paragraph structure. This assignment affords you the opportunity to extend your academic writing to deliver a longer piece of writing. The fundamental writing process and structure you developed in assignment two should be extended to deliver a longer discussion: discussion that takes the reader through a logical progression of the topic. Fundamentally a longer essay is a series of five-paragraph essays in sequence; keep this in mind as you plan your assignment.
This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:
• describe and explain the development of Adult and Vocational Education sector with particular focus on the VET Capability Framework;
• understand the role of Adult and Vocational Education organisations and practitioners developing, implementing and interpreting relevant policy in the context of economic and social development;
• understand the principles of social justice and equity in education; and
• understand the VET Capability Framework in terms of the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that effective practitioners apply in their professional roles.

You should present this assignment in essay format.

Use APA referencing style

Marking guid:
Presents a succinct and critical analysis of the relationship between the selected policy and wider social and sociological implications and AVE policy development in Australia.
Critical discussion analyses the relationship between the social background of the selected student group, how this influences their attendance at post-compulsory education and what social factors shape educational policy;
demonstrates a superior understanding of Adult and Vocational Education and Training in the context of Australian society, how this context shapes policy, and the resulting impact on classroom practice and our students.
Demonstrates evidence of initiative and some originality in addressing the assignment topic; demonstrates clarity of argument through succinct and skilled writing
Assignment presents a ‘thesis statement’ that facilitates a cohesive and coherent analytical essay that takes the reader through to a logical progression of discussion that culminates in a conclusion supports the opening thesis statement.
Investigation looks to diverse topics that are related and supports discussion.
Source information is academic texts and journals. Website resources are appropriate (contemporary comment by respected commentators and/or appropriate use of news sources).
Referencing style is effective; facilitating clear expression of the ‘author’s voice’, supported by the literature.

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