Google Car: Case Study

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Google Car

Individual case study business report – up to 2000 words

A Harvard Business School case study or studies will be selected for your individual analysis and submission of an up to 2000 word response to the questions set.


  • Ø Executive summary
  • Ø Table of content
  • Ø Introduction to google case study
  • Ø How did this project relate to Google’s corporate mission of organising the world’s information?
  • Ø Would the Google Car project be a worthwhile investment of the company’s resources?
  • Ø Could Google compete against established auto manufacturers working in self-driving technology, or should it establish a partnership? 
  • Ø Would Google manufacture its own vehicles or license its own self-driving software? 
  • Ø What are the main legal issues surrounding this new technology?
  • Ø How would an autonomous car fit into Google’s core search business and its advertising-based revenue model? 
  • Ø Recommendations
  • Ø Conclusion
  • Ø Reference

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