Research Paper

Original work, no plagiarism, Cite, Reference 3-4 paragraphs.

Below is a list of research studies, including the targeted sample population to be included in the study. Select  ONE of these studies/populations and discuss how you might apply tools of the principles of human subjects research (autonomy, justice, beneficence). Review the  slides  and/or these resources ( University of Virginia Links to an external site.  ;  University of Northern Iowa Links to an external site. ) to identify specific considerations for your population and study. Consider a specific focus on issues around 1) risk and protections from risk for the specific population, 2) informed consent and how this will be acquired, and 3) additional concerns and protections based on the population or study. I am not looking for expertise in the research topic but how well you address the human subjects principles for a specific population.

1) Efficacy study of an exercise enrichment program for nursing facilities in reducing fall-related injuries among elderly residents

2) Folic acid supplementation for pregnant women to improve neonatal health outcomes

3) Motivational interviewing and peer counseling to reduce recidivism after incarceration among inmates in federal prison

4) Mixed methods approach to nutritional characterization among parents of young children in low-income households

5) Behavioral interventions to improve asthma-related health outcomes among youth aged 5-12