Public Health



Task description

This task involves the development of a portfolio, which is a collection of ideas about individual yet related topic areas under the banner of transition to practice. In this portfolio, you are expected to write an essay addressing three (3) separate sections, as outlined below:

Section 1: Applied Ethics

In this section, discuss two (2) situations where an ethical challenge has presented itself during your current practice. Please do not include any information that may identify any participants in your described situations.

For each situation, please start with an introduction, including background context, and explore the ethical principles you felt were in play and what any issues or conflicts were. Following this, please discuss the following:

· Whether the issues were resolved? If so, how? If not, what was the result?

· How did you feel about being involved in or witnessing the situation?

· How will your experience of this ethical challenge affect your future practice?

· Your reflections on your current knowledge of ethics as part of your practice.

· If you feel any self-development is required, outline your plan.

You should support your discussion of each situation with reference to the literature.

If you do not have any situations you were involved in, please contact the unit coordinator for further guidance.

Additionally, any work that is not your own must be referenced accordingly.

Section 2: Integration into a multidisciplinary team

Healthcare professionals have an ever-increasing responsibility to act as members of multidisciplinary teams, ensuring good communication and teamwork form the foundation of quality patient care. In this section of your portfolio, research and document the following:

· What are important qualities to demonstrate, and what skills are required to engage effectively as a multidisciplinary team member?

· Why is the integration of healthcare professionals important to quality patient care?

· What are the barriers to effective team membership or engagement?

· How might these barriers be overcome (in the interests of patient safety and advocacy)?

Please integrate your response to this section with support from the literature.

Section 3: Leadership & Management

In this section, reflect on situations you have experienced during your own practice and/or work-integrated learning placements, and research and document:

· What qualities or traits do you consider essential for a leader or manager?

· As a leader or manager, the communication skills and/or strategies necessary to effectively engage with colleagues, including in culturally diverse contexts.

· Why does a leader or manager need to be visible and accessible?

· What makes a good mentor, and what are your experiences with mentoring (either as a mentor or mentee)?

· How do you currently offer feedback (positive and negative), and any areas you have identified for improving your approach?

· How would you create an inclusive and culturally safe work environment as a leader?

· What are some effective strategies to assist with conflict management?

Please integrate your response to this section with support from the literature.

Assessment Criteria

The expected word count for your portfolio is 4000 words (+/- 10%). The portfolio will be assessed in accordance with the rubric provided on the unit Moodle page.

Criteria include:

Overall presentation

· Organisation of your portfolio.

· Writing mechanics.

· Word count.

· In-text referencing.

· Reference list.

Content on each of the areas as outlined

· Applied ethics.

· Integration into a multidisciplinary team.

· Leadership & management.

Please upload your document/s as a Word file (.doc or .docx).

**Use references or write based in Australia (course: Public Health)