Quality Improvement Planning

Scenario – As a staff member who serves on the Quality Improvement Planning Committee, you are at a meeting to discuss the best way to share information about recent CQI data so that staff in the hospital can appreciate the value of the data. You need to identify pros and cons of methods the committee might use to assess and describe data for planning purposes.

The committee is mostly new, some members have limited experience. You and two other members have the most experience, so you three volunteer to help the others get up to speed as quickly as possible so that decisions can be made about steps to take with the data, and you can get to decisions about strategies. You make clear to the other committee members that 1) this is a team effort and 2) the team must engage hospital staff at all levels. “You comment, “We have tried to keep this to ourselves, thinking only we knew the best approaches, and we failed.” Staff do not feel engaged in CQI and complain about the extra work for which they see no value.


Read the scenario above and then, answer the following questions:
What are some of the barriers that could be influencing limited staff engagements?
What strategies might be used to overcome these barriers?
What are the pros and cons of the methods used to assess and describe the need for change?
What are the common reasons staff members resist change?
Are standards of practice valuable sources of data for such a committee? Why or why not? Which ones might be of particular use?
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