Scenario – Your hospital has recently revised its CQI vision and aims based on the work done on the Quality Chasm series. As nurse manager in an ED (Emergency department) you need to take this information and make it “real” for staff in the ED. You and the medical director will present this information to the staff, but you need to figure out how it applies to daily work and how to engage staff. You both agree that the staff will not appreciate the “words” on the pap unless you can attach their meaning to their daily work.


Read the scenario above and answer the following questions:
What information would you use as your base to discuss the vision and the aims?
How would you then apply this information to the ED and daily work done by staff?
Would benchmarked data be of any use in this scenario to the committee?
Your post should:
Answer the questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible.
Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions
Be sure that references are in APA format.