Some of your responses may require additional academic support beyond the textbook, scholarly sources are books, peer reviewed journals, and scholarly websites:

.gov, .edu, .org. examples- (National Institute of Mental Health,, WebMD MayoClinic)

1.Explain bullying and some influences that can cause bullying in children (provide academic support-reference). Explain the different peer statuses and the different styles of friendships and relationships found in children. Also explain the different forms/styles of aggression.

2. Name/Explain two different types of family structures/dynamics how can this affect children, explain at least two different ways.

3. Explain the different types of memory and forming childhood memories Explain the different language milestones in childhood and apply it to their development and behaviors.

Could environmental and genetic influences impact language development explain your reasons(give outside academic support-reference)

4. Explain some contributing factors of childhood obesity and sleep disturbances. Explain the WPPSI and WISC Intelligence tests, what are some of the subtests. Explain how to compute an IQ score, and name some environmental and genetic influences on IQ

(give outside academic support-reference).

Define two learning disabilities.

5. Please explain the developmental, social, cultural and psychological influences gender typing has on children, example their gender roles, gender-typing, and gender stereotypes. (give outside support reference)

Explain/Define Children Cognitive Levels of Play

6.Name a Childhood disorder/Health Problem on children and explain what it is, symptoms, and treatments associated to it.

Name two childhood sleep disorders

7. Name/explain two types of child maltreatment/abuse on children and how can this affect a child psychologically (give support)


Explain the different forms of discipline/parenting styles and how these styles of punishment/parenting styles can influence/impact children behavior and psychological development.

(please give outside academic support-reference)

Explain Kholberg’s stages of development and moral development

9 Name two early-childhood educational programs and their benefits.

10.Explain emotional intelligence in children (provide academic support)

Explain ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders/Treatments and Symptoms( provide academic support)

Explain Kholberg’s stages of development and moral developmen