Discussion Board: A Nation Divided
88 unread replies.88 replies.NOTE: Be sure to get your initial post in by the usual Thursday deadline and the reply in by Friday (the last day), which is a day earlier than usual.Normally, this week’s discussion would be based around the idea of globalization, which is important especially given the recent challenges surrounding COVID-19 and its global transmission. Yet, as I was looking through chapter 28, I realized I wanted to ask questions about a lot of different topics rather than just one topic. Thus, I turned to the focus questions at the beginning of the chapter, and realized they are great questions and things I really hoped you picked up on while reading. So I will post all 6 questions, and I would like for you to choose 2 to write about in this week’s discussion. This will give us an opportunity to read about many different topics and respond to classmates who wrote about something different.So be sure to include the question at the beginning of each of your two answers, give a thorough analysis of the question IN YOUR OWN WORDS (I would rather you not use quotes for this), and reply to a classmate that answered a different question than you answered. Here are the 6 questions (remember, choose 2):1. What events eroded support for President Bush’s policies during his second term?2. What were the economic practices that contributed to the crisis of 2008?3. What kinds of change did voters hope for when they elected Barack Obama?4. What were the major challenges of Obama’s first term?5. What was divisive about Donald Trump’s campaign and early presidency?6. What were the prevailing ideas of American freedom at the beginning of the 21st century?