Program Evaluation-Company Analysis

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Abstract ( 2 points)
The abstract provides a summary of the report highlighting primary methods, major findings, significance and implications. (150-250 words).

Introduction ( 3points)
This section will draw on your final research proposal paper for 505. Describe the issue, concern or question that you have selected for your project. Provide a brief review of prior research. What is the problem? Why is it significant? What is the gap in the literature? How this study will fill the gap? This section also includes the research question, which should be clear, concise, and testable, generally stated in 1-2 sentences and included in the last paragraph of the introduction. (1-3 pages).

Methods ( 3 points)
The methods section will include the following subsections: research design, sample and setting description; measures and data analysis procedure. It may also include a description of the agency, program or practice that you are evaluating. In the research design section, describe your research methods. In sample and setting, include a statement regarding the participants, how they were approached, and inclusion criteria for the study. In measures and data analysis procedures, describe your data collection instrument. If applicable, discuss the measures used in the study and the known reliability and validity information on each measure. Explain how the data were collected, the analytic procedures you used and why it was appropriate for answering your research question.(2-3 pages)

Results ( 3 points)
In this section of the paper present the results and findings from your research project. Make sure you provide them in the text and include at least one table, figure or graph as an appendix (and make sure it is clearly labeled). Provide a brief write up of the main results focusing on the important (and possibly surprising) findings. (2-3 pages)

Discussion ( 3 points)
Summarize the overall results or general pattern of your data. Discuss the implications of your findings for social work policy, practice and/or program development. Suggest actions that may be initiated or extended. Critically analyze your findings. Consider alternative explanations for the data patterns you report, e.g., issues related to measurement reliability and validity, selection bias. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the procedures you employed. Make specific suggestions for further research. Draw on course readings from this and last quarter to support your comments in this section. (2-3 pages)

References: Make sure you use APA format guidelines. ( 1 point)
Tables and Figures: Insert the tables and figures at the end of the paper.

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