Genetic: Mutant phenotype description of Drosophila melanogaster

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MUST write a paper in scientific journal style and format as well as citation. Information how to write it in the website provided. (

You need to describe the phenotypic characteristics of your Drosophila melanogaster mutant.
You need to examine your mutant flies thoroughly in the lab and compare them to wild-type flies. (eye color is different: Wild-type flies have darker orange and a black dot in middle. Mutant flies have lighter color and don’t have black dot) You can compare and see more details with uploaded pictures.
You need to detail all visible differences at every stage of the life cycle.
You also need to make note of any differences between mutant males and mutant females, describe the expressivity and penetrance of the mutant phenotype.
You need to come up with a “nickname” for your mutant and justify the nickname. For example, if your mutant flies are yellow in color, then you could call your mutant “jaundice” This nickname CAN NOT already be in use for a known D. melanogaster gene.
You must also research on Flybase ( and state 5 possible genes that when mutated could give rise to your phenotypes and use a PEER-REVIEWED REFERENCE for each.

NOTE: Use correct genetic nomenclature, genus/ species and gene names/ symbols are in ITALICS.
Compares and constrasts the mutant phenotypes to that of wild-type flies using correct anatomical terms as necessary.
Provide the names of 5 D. melanogaster or other Dropsophila species genes that if mutated could give rise to the mutant phenotype and justification for the choice of these genes
Cites 5 PEER-REVIEW REFERENCES using proper format.

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