Nutrition & Health

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 This presentation applies the basic principles of nutrition to individuals.

1) It should illustrate the nutritional challenges faced when adapting to a new culture and analyze therapeutic diets related to physiological changes resulting from disease processes.

2) Another important aspect of this assignment is to explain how you would develop a plan to prevent foodborne illnesses through the use of safety and biotechnology. Once you have looked at the population of Bolivia you should be able to compare the statistics that you have gathered to those of the United States.

3) Finally, you should analyze the effect of hunger and behavior on the public health of Bolivia. If changes are made how will these changes impact the environment of Bolivia?

Step 1 For this assignment I chose Bolivia. This written summary will be a two­page written summary of what you have found beginning with a statement analyzing the basic nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

Step 2 Name the nutritional challenges Bolivia faces: Lack of food? Lack of resources or money? Lack of land to farm?

Step 3 Research the types of illnesses and diseases that Bolivia faces. Are any of these connected to hunger? Is it possible that if the citizens of Bolivia had better food they could overcome simple infections that inflict them? If the people from these areas immigrate to countries near them how would the new culture affect them? What if they came to America? How would their new eating habits affect them.

Step 4 Create a plausible plan to prevent foodborne illness through the use of safety and biotechnology in your selected country. How can they clean their water? What type of education is needed? Compare the hunger statistics of Bolivia with those of the United States.

Step 5 Try to located public health programs, if any, that are at work. Are other countries assisting Bolivia? If not, how could they? Are their barriers, such as governmental embargos or other legal aspects at work? If changes are made, list the environmental consequences that feeding hungry people can create. This might include soil problems, extinction of native plants and animals, and pollution.

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