Marketing Management

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Part 1, Create a management dashboard (graphs, charts, tables etc), A4 or A3 in size, that includes the key marketing performance elements? (1,000 word equivalent)

Part 2, How does your management dashboard help to inform Strategic decision making? (1,400 words)

Please Note: the Dashboard is to demonstrate your selection of elements and how you would display those elements to support performance management. You DO NOT have to include real data in your graphical displays.

Areas for consideration: Approx. % Effort / Focus
Market Shares & Market Forecasts 5%
Routes to market 5%
Customers/segmentation 25%
Competitors 15%
Brand and brand equity frameworks 5%
Tactical Mix (4 P’s) 20%
Dashboards 10%
Metrics 15%

Like a car’s dashboard (or control panel), a dashboard provides decision makers with the input necessary to “drive” the business. Thus, a graphical user interface may be designed to display summaries, graphics (e.g., bar charts, pie charts, bullet graphs, etc.), and gauges (with colors similar to traffic lights) in a framework to highlight important information. Wikipedia

Please note that as well as drawing on information about the markstrat industry or an industry of your choice, your submission should make use of appropriate use of literature to support and develop arguments.

Recommended texts:
Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., Brady, M., Goodman, M., and Hansen, T. (2012) Marketing Management, Pearson Prentice Hall, London

Dibb, S., Simkin, L., Pride, W. and Ferrell, OC (2006), Marketing Concepts
and Strategies (5th ed.), New York: Houghton Mifflin. The 4th edition of this textbook is also acceptable.

Additional texts recommended for consultation:
Aaker, D.A. (1996). Building Strong Brands. New York: The Free Press.
Blois, K. (Ed.) (2000). The Oxford Textbook of Marketing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
de Chernatony, L. & McDonald, M. (1998). Creating Powerful Brands (2nd ed.). Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.
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