“Annie’s: Growing Organically” PPT assignment

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In this assignment students will practice C Suite style analysis and communication by analyzing a case situation and making a C Suite level decision/recommendation. The case is “Annie’s: Growing Organically” and is found in the course pack (Berkeley Haas via HBSP B5801)

For this assignment students will assume the role of a CEO of Annie’s reporting to a Board of Directors. The Board has asked you to update them on the company performance and to address some strategic issues.

You will create a PPT document in which you present the facts and your recommendations, using the information in the case. You will not give a formal speech with this presentation, but will use the written document to communicate key facts and to document the key points you will speak about.The PPT should include facts and data that you would like to show the Board members, along with the key points of your interpretations and recommendations. One way to produce a document like this is to write the key points in an outline first, and then adapt for the PPT format. The PPT should contain enough content that attendees can remember the key points after the meeting. This is different than the kind of PPT used for a formal presentation, in which there are very few words on the page.

Instructions: Take the point of view of the CEO and write a brief (6 page max) Powerpoint presentation to share with the Board of Directors. The Board has asked you to report on the following topics:

– How is the company doing, including a point of view on competition?

– What is your strategic vision for the company?

– What are your specific recommendations for growing the company?

– What are the challenges do you face in achieving these growth objectives? What must be done to insure success?

Keep in mind that you are a senior executive, writing to a Board that has some familiarity with the business. You should emphasize the key strategic ideas, and support these with relevant facts and data from the case. Your slides should be “rich” with graphics and formatting to aid the communications of your key points. Avoid dense text only slides. The objective of this presentation is to convince the Board that your plan is well developed and likely to be successful.

Please also do both the 6 pages ppt slides with “rich” graphs and outline for me. And reference the same book I post with you before: Business Leadership, Joan Gallos Editor (Jossey Bass Reader, Wiley, 2008)

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