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Imаginе уоu feel it is imрortаnt to meet with your legislator to obtain his/her support on your recommendations to revise the Affordable Care Act so it can be presented for approval. Your legislator has little time and needs a brief, concise overview of what the policy entails and why he/she should support its passage.

Create an informational tool that you will hand to a legislator about the pros of your recommendations to convey a recommended course of legislative action to change the Affordable Care Act.

Some examples of such tools might include:



Be creative! Add pictures or other graphics
Be sure to keep the following in mind:
>You are convincing your legislator of the validity and necessity of your policy proposal.
>When you are providing your legislator with your information tool, be aware of the impact that special interest groups and other politics will have on the legislator’s decision. These factors will have an impact on the way your proposal is received by the legislator.
> Consider the relationship of government to the creation of policy and describe how your legislator’s support will help the creation of the policy for which you are lobbying in your resource.
>Use appropriate references so your legislator may understand why he/she should support the potential policy.

Cite your sources.


Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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