Healthcare And Technology Tools

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare environment, technology has become an integral part of the nursing profession.

In 500 words


1. Choose a nursing topic or concept: Select one of the following nursing topics or concepts: patient safety, medication administration, or nursing ethics.

2. Identify a technology tool: Choose a technology tool that can be used to support learning and engagement with the selected topic. Some examples of technology tools are virtual patient simulations, online case studies, interactive videos, mobile applications, and gamification platforms.

3. Design a technology-based learning activity: Develop a technology-based learning activity incorporating the selected tool and supporting student learning of the topic or concept. The learning activity should be designed to meet the needs of the target audience and be aligned with the learning objectives.

4. Create a plan for implementing the learning activity: Create a detailed plan for implementing the learning activity. This should include information on how the technology tool will be used, how it will be integrated into the curriculum, and how the activity will be evaluated.

5. Assess the effectiveness of the learning activity: Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning activity using appropriate assessment methods. Some examples of assessment methods are pre- and post-tests, surveys, focus groups, and rubrics. The results of the evaluation can be used to improve the learning activity and inform future technology-based learning activities.

6. Submit the completed activity: Submit the completed activity, including the nursing topic or concept, the selected technology tool, the technology-based learning activity, the plan for implementing the activity, and the assessment of its effectiveness. Be sure to include any necessary materials, such as screenshots of the technology tool, handouts, or instructional videos.