Family Resource Project

Family Resource Project

What is the Family Resource Project?

The Family Resource Project starts with the recognition that each family has unique experiences that impact all family members including children.

The goal of this assignment is for you to become familiar with issues, problems, or topics that can impact children’s school success and families within a community and identify support services for families undergoing said experiences.

This assignment addresses the following NAEYC standards.

· Knowing and understanding young children’s characteristics and needs (Standard 1a).

· Knowing and understanding the multiple influences on development and learning (Standard 1b).

· Knowing about and understanding diverse family and community characteristics (Standard 2a).

· Engaging in informed advocacy for children and the profession (Standard 6e).


· Choose four family issues/problems/topics to research. Select from the list below.

· You will construct a resource tool that will help you to know about and understand diverse families and community characteristics. This will guide you in your work with young children and their families (Standard 2a).

· Research each of the four topics and provide the following.

· Description

· Describe the issue/problem/topic. (3-5 sentences) (Standard 1a)

· Impact

· Describe the impact, result or effect of the issue/problem/topic on a child’s school success. (150 words) (Standard 1b)

· Resolutions

· Describe methods of assistance, help or support available for families experiencing the issue/problem/topic. (150 words) (Standard 2a)

· Organizations

· Identify two organizations, groups or coalitions who provide families with education and support for the management/care of the issue/problem/topic. ( Standard 6e).

· Include

· Name of organization (Full name- not just acronym)

· Working Website (link) or physical address

· Mission, purpose, cause

· Services provided (This should be a list)

· Construct a Works Cited page.

· Include a list of all sources used for the project.

· Follow APA reference list guidelines.


· Use the template.

· Use the template provided to organize the information gathered during your research.

· There are two file types available. Either the Word doc or Fillable PDF file are acceptable.

· Combine all 4 pages together and upload one file.

· Students using the fillable file, will need to have access to Adobe to “combine” files.

· Upload the resource file and the Works Cited page to Canvas.

Approved List of Issues/Problems/Topics

TECA 1303

• Child Abuse; Domestic Violence

• Adoption

• Advance Directives

• Alzheimer’s Caregivers

• Bereavement

• Bullying

• Caregivers

• Alzheimer’s Caregivers

• Child Abuse

• End of Life Issues

• Disabilities

• Divorce

• Advance Directives

• Domestic Violence

• Personal Health Records

• Financial Assistance

• Foster Care/Adoption

• Bereavement

• Homelessness

· Homeless Health Concerns

• Parenting

• Domestic Violence

• Sexual Assault

• Suicide

• Teen Violence

• Birth of a Second Child

• Bonding with Grandparents

• Families in the Military

• Family Arguments

• Family Disruptions

• Family Meals

• Home Alone Children

• How to Support Your Child’s Resilience in a Time of Crisis

• Importance of Family Routines

• Improving Family Communications

• Infidelity: Mending Your Marriage After an Affair

· Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Parents

• Roles within the Family

• Small Families

• Stepsiblings

• Taking Care of Your Grandchildren

• Working Parents

· Single Parents

If you wish and ONLY with instructor approval, you may choose another topic not listed below. Please discuss with instructor before you begin to research.