Feminism and land culture

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QUESTION: Feminism is more than a body of academic texts and practices, as it is fundamentally a political movement concerned with women’s oppression and the ways and means to empower women in the direction that African-American cultural critic bell hooks describes as ‘finding a voice’. With specific reference to feminisms in contemporary Higher Education, critically discuss through feminist theorisations issues of ‘lad cultures’ in Universities today, with the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence amongst students.

I have recommended some readings but please also use knowledge of your own academic resources and research that might help you to complete the assignment. It is IMPORTANT that you incorporate the two Bell Hook readings into the essay.

Teaching to Transgress, Education as the Practice of Freedom (BELL HOOKS)

Feminism is for everybody (BELL HOOKS)

Voice, Difference and Feminist Pedagogyhttps://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/0965975940020203

Lad culture in university

– 10 or more references, Harvard style referencing
– Please make clear and precise points, no jargon or constant repetition
– Please answer the question effectively

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