Develop a Literacy Profile & Design a Reading Acquisition Programme

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There are TWO parts to this.

In PART A, you develop a literacy profile for the chosen school (Wentworthville Public School)
– Maximum word limit of 1100 words.
– Based on publicly available information, compile a literacy profile for the school.
– Outline the accomplishments and challenges of literacy programme.
– Suggest and elaborate literacy strategies based on academic readings

PART B – Design a reading acquisition programme

– MUST use the template provided to complete
– present a Reading Acquisition Programme with reference to the NSW English K – 10 Syllabus and your responses in Part A. If your programme does not align with your responses in Part A, you will receive 0% for this part.
– THere is no word limit for this part.

a) Choose a year group from K – 2 (Early Stage 1 to Stage 1);
b) Design a Reading Acquisition Programme (30 minutes each for 5 days) for
the year group;
c) Choose relevant text(s) from “Suggested Texts for the English K – 10
Syllabus” or “CBCA Children’s Book of the Year” (winner and honour books,
past and present);
d) Provide a brief description of the learning and teaching activities involved in
the Programme;
e) Suggest two additional learning and teaching strategies to cater for reluctant
and at-risk learners;
f) Include an appendix of published learning resources. You must cite and
reference all sources of materials;

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