Australian Education Services

Scenario: A well-established Australian company “Australian Education Services” recently identified the potential for monetising education export related services to international clients from China. The company is an SME with capabilities in providing support services to visiting students. You, the international marketing manager believes that China may be a potential market for the firm, and that both students and their families represent potential for the extension of ‘concierge’ product/service offerings. Further, the CEO believes Internet enabled technologies may enhance the firm’s ability to generate profits now and in the future, but is unsure how. Can you help analyse and evaluate the potential for this country market? Be specific about your target market in China and justify your choice. Further, assess how the Internet might assist the firm in their international marketing activities of their services/augmented product into China? Assignment 2 international marketing research report 2 Research Question: Who would your customer be in China (eg parents &/ students &/ business/education/service providers)? How might environmental elements influence the marketing activities and performance of the firm in China? What services might you offer to your target market? What strategy might be most appropriate? How has the Internet influenced international client behaviour and/or business culture in China? Student Note: Context means: 1. The Company and product/service. 2. China market – country market analysis 3. Marketing strategy and Internet marketing. Tutorials, readings and lectures will assist students in how to complete Assessment 2. Assignment Two structure: Please follow the structure 1. Executive summary Summary of the main findings: What are the main findings in the investigation?  (Do this last!) (200 words approximately) 2. Analysis: Review the literature and industry publications: What are the main opportunities for the firm in China/region in China? What are the challenges for the firm in China?  A few core ideas (2-3) in each section with the support of research (journals and other industry data) (800 words approx.)  Make sure you are drawing your ideas from the literature so as to get some depth, giving both sides of an argument and based on industry data. 3. Evaluate and recommendations What are the main ideas recommended that have the most influence on the international marketing for this firm/product/service (Australian Education Services) in this market (China)?  What is your recommendation: what international marketing strategy and Internet marketing activities might work best and why? Be creative! (800 words approx.)  For example: Give clear recommendations in relation to; Client demand, Client behaviour, product/service modification, branding, distribution, positioning of the brand, methods of monetisation, price, and or promotions. Assignment 2 international marketing research report 3  You can choose to discuss what you like. Obviously, you cannot discuss everything, so make decisions related to the international marketing activities that you think are the most critical within the context you have been given, with a focus on proving and improving revenue (and alternate revenue sources) for the firm.