Assignment Paper

After you have viewed the Riverbend City: Shelter and Nursing Home Debriefing Mission multimedia presentation, address the following in your initial discussion post:

Identify additional concerns related to cost in the mission presentation. Think about how the leaders can better manage resources next time. What impact does good financial management have on an organization and all its stakeholders?
Suggest solutions to the cost concerns. Discuss how to sell stakeholders on your solutions. Justify these with what you learned from course readings and your own experience.
Summarize how to align individual and organizational priorities with the needs and values of the community relative to cost-effective actions and behaviors.
Recognize and discuss financial factors and cost-effective needs in the community-based scenario.
Support your post with at least one peer-reviewed source, using course readings or other scholarly literature. Include APA-formatted in-text citations and accompanying, congruent APA-formatted references.

Response Guidelines
Respond to the posts of your peers according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. From the perspective of a wealthy stakeholder who donates to the health care organization each year, assess the suggestions of your peers. In your response, describe:

How you prefer the health care organization go about being financially responsible.
What you would suggest in addition to your peers’ solutions so the organization can become more cost-effective.
From a stakeholder’s point of view, how you would hold the organization accountable for the financials it projects