American Literature

1. Who was Bartholome de las Casas? What of significance did he do? What were two consequences of his actions? Include where he was and the date of his actions.

2. Who were the Deists? Detail two of their important beliefs. How are they representative of Enlightenment ideals?

3. What was the Great Awakening? (Be specific! ) When did it take place? How was it influenced by Enlightenment ideals?

4. Why did the revivalists’ beliefs and style of worship appeal to Native American and African American Christians more that that of the Puritans? In terms of artistic expression, what specifically did the Great Awakening foster? Name two African American or Native American writers who were influenced by the Great Awakening.

5. Name three women writers who also “expressed a revolutionary political sensibility” (23). What exactly did they do? Nevertheless, what was the legal status of white women in 1820?

6. What statement does your editor call “the heart” of the Declaration of Independence (21) ? What Enlightenment ideal(s) are expressed in the document?