Workplace Risk Audit

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Assеssment overview

The рurрose of this assessment task is for уou to сomрlete a workplace risk audit based on the provided scenario, ‘Newton Chemicals’. You are then required to provide a Risk Management Action Plan in the form of a report.

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of different sources of risk (including workplace, societal and environmental) and the importance of a risk audit in identifying these.

Prioritise risks according to their legal, social, environmental and health impact.
Develop and articulate a range of risk reduction strategies appropriate to different types of organisation to minimise harmful outcomes.
Demonstrate an understanding of compliance issues and corporate responsibilities associated with organisational risk.
Assessment details

You are required to prepare a risk management action plan based on the ‘Newton Chemical’ scenario and using the Risk Register and Risk Treatment Register template (Small Business Victoria 2017). These documents are available for download in the Additional resources section. Ensure you read the scenario thoroughly before you attempt the assessment as well as familiarise yourself with the template.

The plan will be a a single report with an introduction and conclusion with the following sub-headings that answers the questions and addresseses the issues provided in each of the following sections:

Section 1: ‘Things to do next’

Based on your Risk Register and Risk Treatment Register, list and briefly describe five (5) warehouse risk items, in order of importance. Ensure that you justify the order of your choices.

Questions to answer in this section

If you were Gerry, what would you write down on the list of ‘Things to do next’?

Identify a range of logistics and warehouse risk items in the warehouse based on his quick tour of the warehouse and discussion with his staff.

Prepare a Risk Register and Risk Treatment Register that is included as an appendix that rates these items in order of importance, justifying your decisions according to priority and impact.
Based on your Risk Register and Risk Treatment Register, list and briefly describe five warehouse risk items, in order of importance based on your brief justification. Then briefly describe how you would mitigate and manage the impact on the operations of Newton Chemicals.
Section 2: Culture and Risk

Briefly discuss the current culture of Newton Chemicals, how it relates to risk management and then prepare an action plan that outlines the steps to improve and develop a more positive culture.

Questions to answer in this section

How would you describe the culture of the warehouse at Newton Chemicals?

Provide an overview of what you would do to try and positively influence the culture in terms of risk reduction.
Outline a sequence of steps you would undertake to initiate changes in the culture, justifying the strategic importance of each step.
Section 3: OH&S and compliance

OH&S plays a vital role in any organisation and Newton Chemicals is no different, especially with the many hazardous chemicals in the warehouse.

Questions to answer in this section

Provide an overview of key issues that Newton Chemicals needs to be aware of to meet their OH&S obligations. Don’t just list a series of points from the resources but provide an explanation as to why they are critical for Newton Chemical and the importance of adhering to them.

Detail some brief strategies that Newton Chemicals can develop and implement to ensure compliance to their OH&S obligations within the warehouse.
Section 4: Business continuity management

A key factor with any risk management framework is the ability of the business to keep operating especially under adverse circumstances or unexpected events. Currently Newton Chemicals does not have any form of business continuity management plan which is a significant risk issue.

Prepare a business continuity management plan in the event that a fire occurs and completely destroys the warehouse.

Ensure you make a distinction between the initial emergency response and the business continuity management plan.
In the business continuity management plan, ensure you include issues that relate to the logistics and supply chain of Newton Chemicals.


You will be required to present your action planin a report format.

Your word count does not include the cover page, table of contents, references or appendices.


There is no minimum requirement to the number of references but they must be incorporated as needed in line with academic practice to reflect the quality and relevance of the sources and how well you have incorporated them into your plan.

All sources must be appropriately cited and referenced using the Harvard style.

Additional resources

Please read the scenario document thoroughly before attempting the assessment. The risk register and risk treatement template is intended to assist you with carrying out the audit while your careful reading of the scenario is integral to successful completion of the task.

BUS30016 scenario document (DOC 63KB)

BUS30016 risk register and risk treatment register template document (DOC 367KB)
Submission details

Please submit your assignment through Turnitin. More detailed information is available in the Assessment 2 folder in Blackboard.

Assessment criteria

Workplace risk audit.

Risk prioritisation.
Risk reduction strategies.
Understanding of the impact of risk.
Risk management plan.
Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:

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