Weather and Climate

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Questions are :

 Exercise 1.1: Write in your own words a short answer that describes the differences between weather and climate.

Exercise 2.1: Describe in form of a short answer the four main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are responsible for Earth being much warmer than it would otherwise be.

Exercise 3.1: Explain in form of a brief essay (300 words) how greenhouses gases in the atmosphere interact with the short and long wave radiation budget in the Earth‟s atmosphere.

Exercise 4.1: Present a brief description of Figure 4.2. Copy graphic 4.2 and show within graphic 4.2 the generalized airflow directions (wind belts) within the troposphere using arrows and indicate in the same graphic the location of the semi-permanent high and low pressure surface regions see Figure 4.11 for reference).

Exercise 5.1: Provide a 300-400 word brief essay that outlines the key climatological building blocks of the wind-driven oceanic surface layer circulation.

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