Understating Entreprenuership

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OPTION 1: Interview an Entrepreneur
Find an entrepreneur whom you can interview, in person or by phone. Use your social network: Consider aunts/uncles and other family members, or friends of yours or someone in your family, or the founder/owner of a small company you�ve worked for. Alternatively, choose a small business or a franchise you really like, and reach out to the owner to ask for an interview.

Your goal is to learn about the entrepreneur and their venture. Focus on what matters most to this entrepreneur, and on what you think is really driving their passion and commitment to this work. Overall what value and values is this entrepreneur creating, and for whom? Here are a few questions to help guide you in your interview:
� Please describe your social/business venture. What�s the value that you are providing, and for whom?
� What motivated you to start your venture? How has that passion helped you over time?
� How is your venture adding value, to your customers/clients, the community, or in any other way?
� Can you describe one or two lessons that you�ve learned while organizing your business?
To write your paper, consider what the entrepreneur talked about in light of some key concepts we�re learning in the course. How does the entrepreneur�s enactment of value confirm or disconfirm your own? Describe the �opportunity� that the entrepreneur is capitalizing on, and specific entrepreneurial beliefs/actions s/he expressed. Has their success been more about their experience, or the resources they�ve gathered, or the product/market they�ve chosen, or their skills, or�?
Overall your aim is to draw insight from your conversation, and share it in the paper. The book required for this case study is Robert Baron, Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Evidence and Practice. Edward Elgar 2014. ISBN 978-1783471782 please include points from the book to support the answers chapter 2 has some good facts and chapter 3. for chapter 1 he only cares about sections 1 and 3. chapter 5 he cares about sections 2 and 3.

Please use simple words and make sure everything is correct in terms of grammar and spelling as the professor is a hard grader. Please also make sure you answer all the questions thoroughly. Please only use the book as a source.

Option 1 is the best and for the interview I have my cousin Mohammed he has several large buildings for renting apartments to people in Saudi Arabia. Then he expanded around the gulf area and he wants to grow more. He has a parking for each apartment and with rooms for their drivers because women can’t drive in Saudi. You could say that this way is an entrepreneurial way of thinking because in Saudi women need drivers to go out. You could say that in Saudi Arabia they value that because women can’t drive and values are different in each place. You could talk about that and with answering the questions supporting your point from the book especially chapter 2. You could also make up the interview with him for answering the questions and supporting it from the book with important facts and key terms.

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