Please answer the following questions:

When you answer these questions make sure you use the contents in the textbook as your examples and/or references. You must fully answer all parts of the questions (notice some of the questions have more than one part) And use inline citations properly (MLA format).

I noted in the overview that Alfred N. Whitehead once observed how major advances in civilization are processes that “all but wreck the society” where they occur.

Question 1:

· How did the invention of typography wreck society in the 14th–15th Centuries? Explain with 2-3 examples.

· What other modern technological advances since the printing presshas had a similar affect on society? What was it?

· Compare and contrast the modern advancement to how the printing press wrecked society in the 14-15th centuries. Please include 2-3 different ways it has wrecked society.

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