Transitioning to school from the early childhood education centre

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Thе Quеstіоn is in this essay you will discuss your understanding of Mana Tangata( Contribution) within the context of children and whanau (family)who are transitioning to school. Within your discussion you consider the following questions:
1) What do I know about Mana Tangata (Contribution)?
2) How can I relate the notion of Mana Tangata (Contribution) to tamaraki (children) and their whanau (family) who are transitioning to school?
3)What does this mean to me as a beginning early childhood teacher?

Marking Criteria:

– A good deрth of understanding of Mana Tangata (Contribution).
– Clear links made in relation to transition to school.
– Includes discussion on how this may impact on you as a beginning early childhood teacher.
– Relevant literature used to support
– Presentation includes competent writing style, clearly sequenced ideas and accurate APA referencing.

Literature to use are:

1) Te Whariki (Ministry of Education, 2017) look for this early childhood curriculum document online.You will find the notion of Mana Tangata (Contribution) under the strand 3. Page 36.

2) Literature review(Transition from early childhood education to to the ministry of Education by Sally Peters.

3) Bridging cultures: Home, preschool and school by L. Brooker 2008.

4) Supporting transition from early childhood education tobschool: Insights from one centre one centre of Innovation project by Sally Peters, Carol Hartley, Pat Rogers, Jenna Smith and Margaret Carr 2009.

5)Transition to school for indigenous children.Part 2 (the chapter 6) by Margie Hohepa and Leonie McIntosh in Pedagogies of educational transitions by Nadine Hallam, Bob Perry and Andres Garpelin 2017

6)Transition portfolios (Another tool in the transition kete) by Carol Hartley, Pat Rogers, Jemma Smith and Daniel Lovatt 2014

7) Enhancing transition from early childhood phase to primary education: evidence from the research literature by David Achanfno Yeboah early years, 22:1, 51 -68 (please look for this article)

Any other article (just one) from the writer that is related to the Mana Tangata (contribution) in transitioning to school.

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