The Reproductive And Endocrine System

1. Given what you have learned so far about the male and female reproductive systems, briefly respond to each of the following questions for each gender: Which hormones are primarily responsible for triggering the onset of puberty? At what age does this typically occur? Describe some of the changes that occur as a result.

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2. Insulin and glucagon are important hormones. Where are they produced, what are the effects of each, and why is the maintenance of homeostasis between these hormones so important?

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3. Choose an endocrine organ from the following list and answer these questions: Where is this organ located? What major hormones does it produce? What are the effects of one or more of the hormones it produces?

· Anterior pituitary gland

· Posterior pituitary gland

· Hypothalamus

· Pineal gland

· Thyroid gland

· Parathyroid glands

· Adrenal glands

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