The phenomenon of parenting an autistic child

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The nature of knowing understanding Philosophical underpinnings of research

From the angle of a parent who has a child with autism, the information below must be addressed.

Research Paper 5 pages’ resources page separate (reference Page)

FCE Format and APA style

Topic: The phenomenon of parenting an autistic child. (Research this )

How early can behavior symptoms be detected?

What is the epistemological belief (discuss how knowledge is constructed through this epistemological lens?

What is the impact it has on child and parent?

Qualitative with example of interest and relationship

How would the data be collected- What potential data collections (provide support for choice)?

Such as questioners, surveys, parent’s associations- What methodology will you choose? Provide evidence of to support the appropriateness of the chosen methodology.

What are some limitations with having a child that is autism (from many prospective)

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