The Inn on Cortes Island Case Study

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The final case assignment is designed to ensure that learners have the capability to complete an effective situation assessment, determine the best strategic pathway that the organization should take, identify arising critical issues and compile a series of WNTBA (What Needs To Be Addressed) statements

The case – The Inn on Cortes Island – will be completed on an individual basis. Learners will be required to conduct a situation assessment (‘Size-up’) of the business, determine the best strategic direction, identify any arising critical issues and then use their synthesis skills to detail a series of practical WNTBA statements for the client to consider.

  • Based upon the case study and accompanying financial statements/ratio analysis, use the attached grid worksheets to complete an External and Internal ‘size-up’ of the ICI Ensure an analysis of the financial statements/ratio analysis is conducted and be sure to read the notes when conducting your analysis.
  • Jonathan appears to be facing two alternative strategic directions – ‘stay the course’ with current accommodations or commence the cottage expansion.

To assess these choices, the Strategy Review grid should be completed and, based on the recommended direction, the WNTBA – CRITICAL ISSUES and WNTBA – SUMMARY worksheets should be completed to round out a comprehensive diagnosis process.

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