The importance of Coordination & Legal(CAL) function for business

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You are attending a promotion interview next month. You have to send in a written
report on key features of the Function you have selected/been assigned.

This should
be in essay/report style and include references in the Harvard style. Appropriate
sources include:
Professional or trade bodies and journals
Job adverts and careers sites
News items from quality media
Academic articles about the profession
Biography or autobiography of leaders in the field
Personal contact with professionals
Business encyclopedias eg “Business the Ultimate Resource”
NOT Wikipedia and similar encylopedia sources

A) In 150-200 words, describe what is DISTINCTIVE about this function and how this
distinctiveness relates to any relevant management theory or framework that you
have learned about. You can draw on material that you have studied in other parts of
your degree course. For example, for BSc management students who have taken the
Practice of Management module the planning/organising/leading/controlling framework would be an example. Exchange students are encouraged to draw on
theory that they may have covered in their home institutions.

B) Outline four key personal and/or professional qualities that you think will be needed
from the top professionals in this Function by 2025. Base this on specific evidence
from professional bodies, employers, academics or other relevant high quality
sources (250-300 words maximum)

C) Identify one specific other function from the list of 10 which you think will be
particularly important for the success of your function. Give the reasons you choose
this particular function (100-150 words)

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