The Contact Centre

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This task requires you to write a business proposal which will include a critical analysis of the attraction strategies that TCC currently deploy and will also propose a ‘2021 People Vision’ attraction strategy that includes a critique of existing practices and a proposed staged improvement plan i.e short, medium and longer term.

The purpose of this report is to persuade Catherine Miles that changes are needed and that your proposal will deliver this change. The ‘2021 People Vision’ needs to be compelling, concise and extremely well written.  It should have a mixture of ‘theory to practice’ examples of exemplary HR practice and initiatives.  Do not use ‘I’, write in the 3rd person.

Look at your notes from The Contact Company.  Think about the context of TCC. Research them on their website ( ) and also research what they do – which is customer service outsourcing.  Consider their context and business growth trajectory. Consider what competitors are doing and what are the people trends in top performing comparable companies.

Factors that you may want to consider:

  • The Contact Company has enjoyed historical success and has an admirable growth trajectory, which the CEO associates with their people strategy, which includes aspects such as employee attraction, staff development, workforce planning and retention of talent.
  • They have recently opened their second site in Birkenhead, Wirral. They chose these sites carefully, having considered demographic factors such as the local population and availability of staff, governmental funding (Birkenhead is one of the top 10 most deprived areas in the UK and therefore attracts grants) and local transport systems.
  • They aim to reach a financial target of £40 million by 2021, which will therefore be doubling in 5 years (and how will your strategy aligns to this vision via your proposal?).  They are moving many ‘agency staff’ to full time contracts, so as to offer more secure working conditions for them. They are a people business and put great effort into attracting, developing and retaining staff.
  • They have shift patterns and the headquarters houses 1100 people (700 seats, as the same seats are used for different shift hours) and the second building will house 1250 (there are currently about 250-300 in the new building)

You have now experienced and analysed the use of storytelling, so can transfer these skills to storytelling within organisational context.  These stories are often part of the anecdotes and fabric of organisational culture and are often included within attraction strategies through digital media etc.

Guidance for ‘The Contact Company’ diary entry 

Please make sure that you read the brief fully. There is some information below to help you further, yet do remember that you are asked to write a business proposal for change rather than writing in the usual academic way.

  1. Re-listen to video capture: – this will help you to decide about what to focus upon. Many wonderful questions will be asked by our students as well, so ensure that you listen to them and the responses that Catherine gives. What do you think TCC is doing well / could do better?
  2. Research: – Read some quality articles which explore some of the main HR challenges that SME’s (small and medium enterprises) face as they grow. Do choose the focus of the articles based on the TCC issues as you determine them, as well as outsourcing. Use 3 and 4 star quality journal articles.
  3. Write in a report proposal style addressed to Catherine. Include what TCC is doing well, linking some of the theory from the articles you have read.
  4.  Critically analyse the HR reasons why you think that TCC is enjoying success, linked to your proposed ‘2021 people vision’ (which includes aspects such as employee attraction, staff development, workforce planning and retention of talent). Justify WHY you think these aspects of HR are being carried out so well at TCC and also what could be better, giving evidence to support your ideas, ensuring that you link your chosen theoretical ideas to the examples of existing and proposed new good practice in TCC.
  5. Do not just describe – you need to draw on lots of views and compare / contrast the varying viewpoints and ensure that your write in a style that is critically analytical.  Your resources can be drawn from both academic and non-academic sources.  A brief Introduction, and conclusion is necessary for the task.  Write approx. 5 high impact paragraphs.  Use the writing resource found in the module resources tab – remember the BLT of paragraph structure. Use ‘Calibri light’ or similar font type face, in size ’12’ font, with ‘1 1/2’ line spacing.

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