Sustainability Energy in China

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An overview on what the Environmental Performance Index is as well as what entails the calculation of the EPI, using a “proximity-to-target” methodology, which assesses how close each country is to an identified policy target. (Environmental Performance Index Report, 2016). This should be approx. one page of this paper.

The next three pages will be what China is doing in their sustainable energy efforts. This analyzation includes, but not limited to vary renewal energies such as solar, hydropower, geothermal, and wind power. Explain what policies China has for sustainable energy. Discuss China’s environmental issues such as health impacts, water and sanitation, air quality, fisheries, and biodiversity and habitat protection.

Also analyze, China’s environmental health and their ecosystem vitality, which were noted previously.

Please use easily found, reliable sources, nothing obscure.
Environmental Performance Index Report. (2016) Retrieved from

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