Successful Lead Generation in the B2C Market through the use of Online Tools

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This term paper aims to describe measures for a successful lead generation for the following company:

  • Franchise of local kitchen retailers
  • Price segment: upper end of lower price segment – medium price segment
  • Target audience:
    (1) first time buyers; age 25-30
    (2) young families; age 31-40
    (3) mature buyers; age 40+
    àmature buyers are the most important since they have the highest budget
  • Lead Generation online, but purchases are only offline
  • Company has a lot of tools on website like a 3-D Kitchen planner, kitchen gallery, online appointment tool
    àAll tools are designed to obtain the address of the user for further marketing measures

Please always take the parameters above into account when writing the paper – with the following structure:

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Selection of Literature
  3. Theoretical Basics – Define following terms:
  • Session
  • User
  • Page Views
  • Unique Page Views
  • Online Tool
  • Funnel
  • Conversion Rate
  • Funnel Conversion Rate
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Journey
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Analyst
  • SEA Manager
  • Information Architect
  • Web Designer

When you use any other online marketing terms, please make sure to also define them here!

  1. Background
  • Holistic view and complete understanding of the overall topic
  • Make connections that prove understanding of the topic
  • Show the complexity of the topic
  1. A brief history of marketing and its parameters that affect online marketing equally
  • Describe the basic concept of marketing and how it still applies for online marketing today
  • Outline of the new added challenges / difficulties of online marketing


  1. Theory
  • What is the current state of lead generation + user expectations, current mechanisms and tools used – give a deep understanding of lead generation
    • How it is generally done (non-industry specific)
    • How it is done in the B2C kitchen industry
      (speciality of market: a purchase with high price, high configuration / design options)
  1. Analysis of the current state of Online Marketing (make every point industry specific)
    • What is online marketing (concise)
    • Steps of Online Marketing (e.g. traffic & conversion) (concise)
    • Measures to increase conversion + ways to maximize efficiency
    • Special Case: Online Lead Generation – Offline purchase of kitchens
    • Evaluate advantages/disadvantages of providing online tools on websites (e.g. cost, maintenance, user benefit etc.)
    • Analyse the following two options/customer journeys:
      • OPTION 1 – direct journey (high value lead; user ready for purchase): get user on website, which provides the user with information which will then allow the user to decide whether the retailer is suitable (e.g. quality, trustworthiness, price, location, opening hours etc.) Optimal end effect: user goes to store
      • OPTION 2 – preparation journey (value of lead still has to be developed; user not ready for immediate purchase): if not ready (prepare lead generation) – user needs to be provided with tools where they want to provide their contact details after using the tool provided leading to further Marketing measures (phone call, personalized email marketing). Optimal end effect: after all these measures have been taken, user will now be ready to go to the store for purchase.
    • How online tools are used – use example of IKEA kitchen planner
    • Understanding the Target Audience
    • Obtaining personal information: How to increase willingness to leave personal information (incentive, security, trustworthiness etc.)
    • Cultural differences (Netherlands / Spain vs Germany)
      • Common practice in Germany – users are only willing to enter their contact details afterusing online tools
      • Common practice in the Netherlands and Spain – users are willing to enter their contact details beforeusing online tools
    • Make a judgement on which method is more valuable and explain why (Is a customer that just wants to check out the tool not as valuable as a customer that has used the tool and is willing to spend the time and effort to provide their contact details afterwards?)
      • Relevant marketing measures (what is preferred? For example: newsletter, call-back, personalized invitation for consulting etc.)
      • Data security & short psychological view about personal information
  1. Marketing tools
    • Apply AIDA formula for lead generation on a kitchen website for an online planner –> how to; if action stands for providing address instead of purchase
    • Apply the S-O-R principle (Stimulus-Organism-Response) for online marketing
    • Marketing MIX for purchasing a kitchen (how to obtain information – phone, online questionnaire)
  1. Optimisation – Lead Generation
  • What parameters can be optimised for optimal lead generation?
  1. Optimisation – Marketing measures after user provided contact details (make this rather short)

What are the best marketing measures to be used (for example newsletters are overused, innovative ways (what to do to stand out)

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