Strategic Planning

Assess the impact of emerging healthcare information technology applications on patients, healthcare delivery, and data analytics.

Student Success Criteria
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The HIT Innovation Steering Committee of a large, integrated healthcare system is in the process of examining the potential impact for new emerging technologies. The Committee is aware that HIT is rapidly changing and that they need to proactively plan for upcoming changes. As a member of this committee, select an emerging technology discussed in the module readings and lectures. Research how this new technology could affect patients, healthcare delivery and data analytics. Based on your learnings, write a White Paper for the Committee describing your findings and recommendations.

Create a White Paper that includes:

Discussion on why emerging technology poses a challenge for healthcare organizations
Discussion of the chosen emerging technology including reason(s) for selection
Discussion on the potential impact on patients, healthcare delivery, and healthcare organizations
Provide insight into how extracting and analyzing the potential data (administrative, financial, and clinical) benefits or poses challenges for healthcare organizations
Provide recommendations on how the organization can strategically plan for emerging technology
Reference page of resources utilized