Strategic management, leadership and leadership styles and principles that support organisational ethical and value-based approaches to leadership

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The employer case for this report is on ”Nigel Wakefield : Architect” (additional information will be attached)
Assessment Brief:

You have been successful in securing your first consultancy role with International Management Consultancy (IMC, a fictional consultancy firm). It is your first day and following an induction to the organisation, you have returned to your desk and opened your email to find a link to your consultancy briefs for the next 6 months.

The email outlines that you are required to complete ONE consultancy project out of a choice of four projects which must be completed by the assignment deadline. You are required to follow the IMC consultancy report structure below:

IMC Report Structure:
You will need to make reference throughout your report to relevant principles, theoretical models and tools covered in the module. Your report should be between 3,000 -3,500 words.

Section 1: The organisation and environment (1000-1100)
1a: The client’s needs and external environment
In this section, making reference to the case you have chosen, identify the client’s needs. Using appropriate tools and techniques, analyse the key factors in the environment that could have a significant impact on the organisation.

1b: The organisation and its internal environment
In this section you will also carry out an analysis of the organisation making reference to its values, how it supports leadership principles, culture, methods of communication and also identifying the organisation’s strategic leadership styles. You will need to provide information on how you have gathered and sourced key information for your report.

Section 2: Analysis and recommendations to the organisation (1000-1100 words)

2a: Analysis of findings
You will need to outline your findings in this section and critically evaluate the most appropriate research and analysis techniques you have used.

2b: Recommendations

Outline and justify your current and long term recommendations for the organisation. In this section provide the organisation with some guidance on how they make a distinction between strategic management and leadership.

Section 3: Implementation (1000 words)

What leadership strategy should be adopted to facilitate implementation of the recommendations that you have presented and how might the impact of possible changes in direction cause changes in the leadership strategy? Also consider what the leadership role is in communicating the vision.

Section 4: Critical Reflection (250-300 words)

All students, particularly at postgraduate level, need to reflect critically on the learning experience. Provide a critical reflection of how you might apply your learning and knowledge from this module to your own area of study and future career aspirations.

Your portfolio must:

• Include a cover sheet with your ID number (NOT YOUR NAME), your chosen employer case study and your word count.
• Be typed in Word,
• Include page numbers,
• Be written in Arial font size 12,
• Be 1.5 spaced,
• The report should also strictly follow the constraints stated below
The student should answer the question fully, including excellent critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation; and at the higher end may be considered to be, or very near to, publishable quality because of its originality and criticality.

The entire work should be clearly structured, address the topic authoritatively, and should also succinct

A clear and convincing line of argument should be demonstrated throughout

Demonstrate creativity and originality in the selection of evidence. Provide thorough critical analysis of evidential support, and convincing knowledge of theoretical positions.

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