Strategic Analysis Tools

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Under the heading Strategic Analysis, describe and justify the use of three (or more) strategic tools that you will apply to help solve or improve the problem you have selected and why you feel those tools are appropriate.

At least one of the three tools must contain a financial data component. Mention at least two tools that you considered but will not use and why.


Strategic Analysis Tools


The following (in no particular order) are some strategic tools that are used in strategic analysis. There are many other tools used for specific analyses – such as strategic marketing analysis or strategic human resources analysis.   Doing web searches by the problem area of your organizational may also reveal other tools you can apply.


PEST or PESTLE Analysis – external (political, economic, sociological, technological,

legal, environment)

Michael Porter’s Value Chain Analysis – to strengthen competitive advantage

SWOT Analysis – Internal – Strengths & weaknesses; External – Opportunities & threats

Michael Porter’s Five Forces – industry level analysis of competition and profitability

Miles and Snow Typology – 4 types of business level strategies

Resource Based View Analysis – internal resources

Critical Success Factors (CSFs) & Key Results Areas (KRAs) – identify essential factors

or results areas (D.R. Daniel & J.F. Rockart)

Michael Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage (global competition)

DESTEP Analysis – demographic, economic, social, technological, ecological and

political analysis.

IFE & EFE Matrixes – weigh & rate key internal/ external factors

John Kay’s Distinctive Capabilities Framework – relationship development

Benchmarking – identify best practices in a specific industry

Osterwald & Pigneur – Business Model Canvas – design, define and defend business


Competitive Profile Matrix – strengths & weaknesses of competitors

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Analysis – assess an organization’s products/services

VRIO Analysis – internal resources

McKinsey 7s Framework – align an organization for maximum performance

Lafley & Martin’s 5 Step Strategy Model

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