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ASNS 2665 – Essay

Write a 2500 word essay (excluding references) on one of the following topics, drawing on one or more of the disciplinary perspectives you have been exposed to in the course of this Unit of Study.


  1. Rapid economic growth in countries like Indonesia and Thailand has resulted in the growth of megacities like Jakarta and Bangkok. Assess the impact of rapid urbanisation on the quality of life of low and middle income groups in a Southeast Asian megacity.


  1. Pressures on Southeast Asian nations to remove barriers to free trade can have consequences for domestic production of staple foods. Discuss the relationship between food sovereignty and food security in one Southeast Asian country.


  1. Malaysia and Singapore depend heavily on contract workers from elsewhere in Southeast Asia, including large numbers of women employed as live-in domestic help. Discuss the benefits and risks of this reliance on foreign labour in economic and social terms with reference to one or both of these countries.


  1. Although governments in developing Southeast Asia have increasingly adopted policies that reflect international rights-based norms on disability, people living with a disability in those continue to face many challenges in their everyday lives. With reference to one Southeast Asian country, assess the barriers to fuller participation and government responses to overcome them.


  1. Debates around protection of Indonesia’s forests often focus on the competing demands of environmental sustainability, economic growth and indigenous livelihoods. Discuss the impact of these competing demands with reference to Kalimantan.




As you know, a good essay has a thesis (argument) that is sustained throughout; uses high-quality evidence to support that thesis; and demonstrates a mastery of the conventions of academic essay writing. The following criteria will be used to assess the extent to which you have achieved these aims.


CRITERIA 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Argument (30%)
Thesis addresses the question                                          
Thesis is sustained throughout the essay                                          
Evidence (30%)
High-quality evidence has been used                                          
The evidence is integrated with the argument                                          
Mastery of academic essay writing (40%)
Introduction includes background, statement of argument and outline                                          
Conclusion illustrates how the evidence presented supports the thesis                                          
Paragraphs are coherent and well-structured and make or illustrate a point                                          
Sentences are clear, well-structured and written in academic register                                          
Referencing is thorough and accurate                                          

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