Project Description:

As we’ve learned in class and in the textbook (Chapter 5) all savvy marketers know the importance of integrating social media marketing with mobile marketing.

For Project 3, read “Mobile Marketing and Social Media: How to Leverage Social Media for Your Mobile Campaign”

After reading the article, choose 3 brands that you feel are successfully integrating their social media and mobile marketing strategies. DO NOT USE any of the brands listed in the article. You must choose your own!

For each of your chosen brands, answer the following questions:

1) Did the brand choose the right media platform? Why or why not?

2) Was the content optimized for both social media and mobile? Why or why not?

3) Did the content connect with the audience? Why or why not?

4) Did the brand encourage user-generated content? If not, what could they have done differently?

In a Word document, write a minimum 350 words addressing all of the above questions.