Shakespeare’s Othello-Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Guidelines
Definition of Project:
An annotated bibliography is the end result of research into a specific field of study – in this case, it is the Shakespearean Drama of Othello. Unlike a typical bibliography, an annotated bibliography does more than just list the reference source (similar to citing a source at the end of a research paper.) In this case, each reference also has an annotation, which describes the resource focusing on how that resource item explains or explores the topic at hand. See formatting requirements below.

For this class, I am asking each student to go to the library (or search online library databases) to research and select seven critical reference sources (from at least three different categories), which explore the topic of Shakespeare’s Othello.

Essentially, you are going to look at many critics’ opinions (these are considered secondary sources) regarding various issues in Othello. You must use ONLY critics’ views; this requires you to go to the library (or search library databases online) and seek out these resources. Resource categories should not include non-traditional sources, such as: fiction, musical lyrics, film, novels, short stories, other plays or visual art; these are two broad to fulfill the assignment.

Acceptable categories (choose THREE different ones):

Textual or On-line Journal Articles
Textual or On-line Abstracts
Textual or On-line Non-fiction Books
Textual or On-line Essays

Critical Reference Source Themes/Topics/Issues (choose SEVEN) for Othello:

Love (lust, romance, family love, etc.)
Hate (anger)
History (historical accuracy)

Sanity/ Insanity

Requirements for an Annotated Bibliography:

The annotated bibliography should list a minimum of seven resources and annotations from a minimum of three different categories (see above). Each annotation should be 50-100 words long (italicized) and should emphasize how that resource provides information concerning topics/ issues in Othello. Annotations must be paraphrases or summaries of the critics’ opinions. Annotations should be typed in italics.

Structure for the Typed Project:

Annotated Bibliography for Othello:

Summary of Othello:

In this paragraph, this is your only chance to explain and summarize the play Othello in your own words. What is the basic premise of the plot? Describe the main characters. Who is the protagonist? Think of the definition of a tragic hero; is the protagonist a real tragic hero? Do you see the play as a real tragedy? Why or why not? This paragraph should be at least 50-100 words; you may want to save this for last if you have not finished the play at the time you begin to develop this annotated bibliography. Just do not forget to include this before handing the final annotated bibliography in for credit

Category: (in bold) [Book; Essay; Online Article; Online Essay; etc.]

Resource Citation (in MLA format): indent after the second line where applicable; for example, I am now on the second line, so I have indented this line (and any lines that come afterward.)

Annotation (indented & italicized) A paraphrase or summary.

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