RQ: How does a person who experiences toxic leadership outside the organization affect the individual’s efficiency and cost-benefit within an organization?

Assignment Overview
This case assignment focuses on understanding and synthesizing the use of multidimensional constructs (latent variables) and/or EFA in published research in your field.

Case Assignment
Please reflect on your selected research direction and find (using Web of Science or ProQuest for example) three papers (ideally from top-ranked journals) that used multi-item constructs and exploratory factor analysis. Read these papers and reflect on the readings assigned for this week. Address the following points in a synthesized set of paragraphs.

What are the measured multi-item constructs/ latent variables? Give example items or the full scales
Why did the authors need to use EFA?
Comment on the validity of these constructs
Could the authors do a better job finding and measuring these constructs?
Please organize your paper in a scholarly way. Add section titles when necessary. Explain your logic and when appropriate, use external sources and use proper citations.