Sales Team Presentation

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Based on Apple Inc.,  create a sales plan based on the instruction below.

Please note, all slides must have detailed Speaker’s Notes for EACH slide.  Detailed means that there are academic sources cited that are current within the last 5 years.


You must use in-text citations in the Speaker’s Notes and must include the references on the final slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Fill in the slides of this Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you develop a plan to create a sales team. In the presentation you should do the following:

Note: The speaker notes should serve as the script or text for the presentation.

  • Examine the reasons why recruiting is an important factor in creating a successful sales force at Apple and other businesses in general.
  • Examine the reasons why training is important to a successful sales force for Apple.
  • Examine the reasons why coaching is important to a successful sales force. Also include how coaching is different than training with examples based on Apple.
  • Explain how the Apple sales force will be assessed in order to measure their success.

For this assignment, DO NOT do the slides that say “Don’t Do This Slide”.  Only fill in the Speaker’s Notes and Slides for all others. 

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