Rise of STD’S in Adults

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Your final paper should include the following:
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
4. Literature Review
5. Conclusion
6. Reference List
Title Page
? Must be in APA format (6th edition).
? Must include a running head and page number.
? An abstract provides a brief overview of what is included in your paper.
? Cover the major components of your paper.
? The abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.
? The abstract should be on the page after the title page and should be on its own page.
? This paragraph should be a minimum of 250 words.
? The introduction should provide the direction you want to take with your paper.
? Make sure there is a beginning, middle, and end to your paragraph.
? Make sure your sentences logically flow from one to the other.
? Start with the general and go to more specific.
? Paragraph coherence can be damaged by (1) short, choppy sentences, (2) sentences in
the wrong order, (3) or insufficient transitions or connectors.
? Your introduction should include a statement of purpose for your paper (this can also be
referred to as statement of problem, thesis statement, etc.).
Literature Review (Body of Paper) Requirements
? The paper must be double spaced with one inch margins on all sides.
? Use Times Roman 12 point font (as required in APA format)
? Citations must be provided throughout the paper. Ideas must be cited, as well as
? A high quality paper involves integrating your references. In other words, you should
not summarize Study 1, then Study 2, etc.
? You can integrate your studies in many different ways. You can organize your paper by
subtopics, pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses, advantages/disadvantages, chronological,
etc. Organization should make sense for your topic.
? The paper must include at least one quantitative, one qualitative, and one meta analytic
study. Note that you wrote these summaries in previous assignments.
? Note that your 3 summaries from previous weeks will be integrated into the paper.
? At a minimum, summaries of research studies should include the statement of problem,
sample, method, results, and conclusion.
? It is a good idea to include how the study contributes to the body of literature on the
topic (in other words, why it is important), weaknesses or strengths of the study, and
what future research is possible.

? Restate your topic and why it is important
? Restate your thesis/claim,
? Address conclusions made by studies you summarized.
? Discuss implications of the findings of the research.
? Do not add in any new information.

Reference Requirements
? Use a minimum of 5 academic resources.
? Four have to be from peer reviewed journals.
? Reputable sites often come from universities, government agencies, and should have
an author with credentials in the field.
? You may also use references that come from books, newspapers, or magazines.
? The journals may be found on the Internet; however, they have to come from
professional research journals. You are highly encouraged to use the Chapman library
to find reputable sources.

This paper needs to include 3 studies:
1 )meta-anaylitic study
2) qualitative study
3) quantitative study

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